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“Karen Propp read every version of my manuscript, and I don’t think I could have completed it without her kindness and intelligence.”

--Lauren Slater, Prozac Diary

"Wonderful editorial support was given me by Karen Propp. . . " 

--Michael Beer, Harvard Business School. High Commitment, High Performance: How to Build a      Resilient Organization for Sustained Advantage


"During the the many years I worked on writing my memoir, in-between publishing twenty-five children’s books, I’ve hired several dozen writing coaches, from famous writers to obscure professors--the best editor and coach I worked with, by far, was Karen Propp. Karen worked with tremendous intelligence, and energy, and empathy. She is pure gold.”

--Pamela Jane, An Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer's Story






If you have a great idea you want to tell or a compelling story to share, I can help to turn your dream into a reality ..... read more

Developmental Editing

As a developmental editor I will help to make your work watertight, sturdy enough to sail across the stormy sea of ideas or ..... read more


As a writing coach, I help you to sort through your material, structure your project, and break the work down into manageable tasks with set goals and deadlines ..... read more

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